MGX-21 Flying Fortress

Moto Guzzi - MGX-21 Flying Fortress
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The Moto Guzzi MGX-21 continues its evolvution after the presentation of a prototype last year that garnered approval and interest from public and critics.
The most technologically advanced of the Moto Guzzi cruisers boasts outstanding fittings that make it a real bagger, while its style and technical solutions stay faithful to an original project with the capacity to surprise everyone. 

The MGX-21 is the most unconventional, rich and technological of the 1400 cc grand cruisers built at Mandello del Lario. It is the latest distinguished representative of a line begun in 1921 when Moto Guzzi started to make unique hand built motorcycles as one-off collector's items. Moto Guzzi is one of the greatest brands in the motorcycling world and in almost a century of history has produced bikes that are often ahead of their time, whose innovations are subsequently adopted by everyone. From the racing track to the streets of the world, the company has not compromised its Italian soul. Bolstered by universally recognised values, Moto Guzzi now expresses the influences and stimuli of motorcycle culture in an increasingly personal and unique style. The MGX-21 is the latest example of Moto Guzzi's tradition of originality and courage. This model is dedicated to lovers of exclusive motorcycles, to people who like to feel excited even before they embark on a journey, simply by appreciating the majesty of this prestigious Italian bike resting on its side stand. The MGX-21 seems to invite you to fasten your helmet and set off, heading wherever the map takes you. The excitement felt even before you climb on board swells when the 90° V-twin engine roars into life. From the banks of the Lario to the corners of the world, your journey is marked by the rhythm of the strokes of the huge pistons of the Moto Guzzi big block.

Über Zubehör zur MGX-21 Flying Fortress fragen Sie uns bitte direkt telefonisch unter der +49 30 / 565 46 70 oder schreiben Sie uns per E-Mail.
Motor 2 Zylinder - 4-Takt, 90° V-Twin, luft-/ölgekühlt, Doppelzündung
Versorgung / Zündung Sequenzielle elektronische Multipoint-Einspritzung, in Phasen, Magneti Marelli IAW7SM; „Ride by Wire"", Drosselkörper ∅ 52 mm, Einspritzdüsen IWP 243 Magneti Marelli, Doppel-Lambdasonde, integriertes Motormanagement mit drei Kennfeldern, Antriebsschlupfregelung, Cruise Control
Hubraum 1380 m³
Bohrung x Hub 104 x 81.2 mm
Max. Leistung 71 KW (96 PS) bei 6500 U/min
Max. Drehmoment 120 Nm (12.3 kgm) bei 2750 U/min
Getriebe 6 Gang, sechster Gang als Overdrive
Vorderradfederung Teleskopgabel, ∅ 46 mm, mit radial montierten Bremszangen
Hinterradfederung Zweiarmschwinge mit zwei Stoßdämpfern, einstellbar
Bremsen vorne ABS, ∅ 320 mm Doppel-Edelstahlscheibe, schwimmend gelagert, radial montierte 4-Kolben-Brembo-Bremszange
Bremsen hinten ABS, ∅ 282 mm Einzel-Edelstahlscheibe, schwimmend gelagerte 2-Kolben-Brembo-Bremszange
Vorderrad 21″ Leichtmetall
Hinterrad 16″ Leichtmetall
ATC 3-stufige Traktionskontrolle, abschaltbar
Sitzhöhe ca. 755 mm
Leergewicht fahrbereit ca. 340 kg
Tankinhalt 20,5 Liter (5 Liter Reserve)

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